Tuition for Grades Pre-K through 11th (2018-9 School Year)

Tuition is $1777 per semester.  Tuition and fee discounts of 25% are available under a generous formula that ensures many middle class families will qualify.  Payment options include monthly, semester and pay-at-once.

Tuition is due June 1 for year-at-once, June 1 and December 1 for semester payments, and monthly on the 1st for monthly plans.  

Monthly payments must begin by June 1, or the 1st of the month following admission, whichever is later.  Payments beginning after June 1 will have the monthly payment amount adjusted so all tuition payments for the year are completed by May 1 of the academic year.  Veritas partners with FACTS to make payments quick, easy and convenient for families; payment options include direct bank ACH or credit card (convenience fee applies).

Tuition & Fees for all grades

Tuition - $3554 per year, $1777 per semester

Application Fee - $150 per family (one time)

Registration Fee - $250 per child, $500 per family maximum per school year

Robotics Enrichment Program (Optional) - $300 per year (due to capital costs of supplies this program requires a commitment for the entire year)

Sports Participation Fee (Optional) - Varies by activity

Books & Uniforms

Families purchase their own books, uniforms, and at-home school supplies. The cost of books ranges from $150 to $900 per student per year, depending on grade and whether the books are purchased new or used, and whether books can be reused from siblings. Some books and resources may be shared by multiple children in the same family. Uniforms are purchased at Lands End. We encourage families to budget $1000 per year per student, as an average, for books and uniforms, though cost-conscious families are often able to vastly reduce this expense through trade, sale or borrowing among the Veritas community.

On-Campus School Supplies

On-Campus School Supplies Surcharge - $75 per student, posted to FACTS in September or first payment, whichever is later.  This covers teacher supplies, teacher curriculum, printers, printer paper, toner and other on-campus expenses.

Refund Policy

Veritas, like other schools, contracts for its facilities, faculty, and staff on an annualized basis. Tuition is collected before the semester begins so we can be good stewards and plan accordingly. If parents need to withdraw their child before the semester begins, please contact the Head of School. Tuition that was pre-paid will be refunded, but fees are not refundable. If a student withdraws after the first day of school, tuition and fees for the semester are not refundable. Application Fees are refundable if a family does not receive an offer of admission. The Registration Fee is not refundable.