We believe that athletics are critical to the overall development of the student.  We also believe that athletic programs are often guilty of sidetracking the academic agenda of the school.  Our approach to sports will necessarily be limited but focused. Our goal with sports is to teach lifelong fitness habits that have a social component and can be played individually and coeducationally.  For this reason, Veritas intends to offer a limited number of sports that will be annually facilitated by Veritas coaches.  

Cross Country

Beginning in 5th grade, students will be able to participate in the Cross Country program. This program will be designed to teach students about general fitness, build into students a physical work ethic, and a healthy appetite for competition.  This year our coach will be Misty Laenger.  

Running is very prevalent among high achievers, a functional coping strategy that not only builds fitness but helps mitigate the stress that often comes with high demand occupations, so we feel like it is a great fit for the school.  There is more to running than many people realize, in terms of proper techniques, pacing, hydration strategies, shoe selection, etc, that can be coached in a cross country club.  Running is a foundation of lifelong physical fitness.

We have the following goals in mind:

To Glorify God

We want students to worship God with their hearts, minds, and bodies. Cross country will provide an opportunity to use their bodies unto the Lord.  With the latest research indicating numerous cognitive benefits to exercise, students will also enhance the capacities of their minds.

To Work Hard

Sports are a great tool for further developing work ethic. The ability to fight through the hard labor of work can be practiced both physically and mentally.

To Be Physically Fit

Fitness is a way we can honor the Lord with our bodies and also an avenue towards holistic health. A healthy body compliments as healthy mind. We want student to gain a vision for lifelong fitness and to have tool to accomplish it.

To Accomplish Long Term Goals

We want students to experience success in setting long term goals which are sought incrementally over time. Athletes will work to improve 5K times by at least 5% between the first and last races of the year.



Veritas also offers a fencing club facilitated by a veteran local coach.  This runs 6-8 weeks, typically in the Fall, and includes both technical and historical instruction on fencing and the classical tradition it entails.