Veritas Classical Academy has been wonderful, fruitful, and peaceful

Our children’s first semester at Veritas Classical Academy has been wonderful, fruitful, and peaceful. The professional teachers are encouraging and have helped us make a smooth transition into VCA’s classical curriculum and university style school week. We are beyond pleased with the quite challenging curriculum offered at Veritas, which was extensively researched by the school’s administration. We are pleased to see first-hand how well the grades and subjects are vertically and horizontally aligned throughout the school, with all subjects taught in a developmentally appropriate way. Both of our daughters receive training in Latin, a rigorous math and language arts curriculum and Bible each school day. The teacher-created lesson plans are organized and laid out clearly, providing the framework for a successful home-school day, as well as a successful campus day, where they can socialize with other students. The university model provides structure, accountability, academic rigor, and increased time at home. The increased time at home allows us more opportunities to impart our faith and values on our children, and more opportunities for biblical character development. God has worked mightily through Veritas to bring the best of both home-schooling and on campus environments together, recognizing and partnering with parents as the primary teachers. We are thankful beyond words for the wonderfully rich education our daughters are receiving through the lens of a Christian worldview, and for the blessing to teach and learn alongside of them.
— John and Stephanie Ross, Beaumont