We are so blessed to be a part of the Veritas Classical Academy family

We are so blessed to be a part of the Veritas Classical Academy family. We prayed for many years for the opportunity to attend a university model school and the Lord has answered those prayers. My son attended a public kindergarten, had a great teacher and loved school. However, his dad and I felt called to provide a Christian education for our child. We considered a traditional private Christian school, but our son would still be away from our influence for seven hours a day, five days a week, and it was also very expensive. We tried homeschooling in first grade and loved the experience, but we felt apprehensive about coordinating his academic plan long term. When I found out about Veritas I could not believe it! It is the perfect school for us because it is the best of both worlds - my son now has the opportunity to attend a Christian school that utilizes a classical curriculum, with experienced teachers, and be educated at home, too! The teachers, headmaster, and other parents are so supportive. I no longer feel alone in my quest for a classical Christian education for my child. I still can’t believe what God has done so far with this school, and I am looking forward to all of the good things to come. Veritas has turned out to be everything we hoped it would be and more!
— Gary and Shannon Strahan, Silsbee