Middle School at Veritas Classical Academy

Ensuring your child has a positive middle school experience can be particularly difficult in the Beaumont, Texas area. This critical time of development between childhood and adolescence is sadly often associated with feelings of inadequacy, a constricting desire to conform, and in unsafe schools, sometimes cruel bullying.

At Veritas, we believe middle school can be an extremely positive part of students’ school experience as they seek to develop new skills while bodies and minds undergo rapid change. Besides our loving, Christ-honoring environment, we believe our unique insight into child development, called the Trivium, shows some of its greatest strength in the middle school years.

As a classical school, we call the middle school years the “logic stage.” We all love our middle schoolers, but they do get a sometimes deserved reputation for being, shall we say, a tad disagreeable and argumentative. Having shed the greater dependence of childhood, students at this age are beginning to speak for themselves, to develop their own ideas and opinions.

Veritas works with the grain of this tendency by equipping students with truth. We teach them the tools of logic and argumentation that will allow their natural curiosity about the structure of the world, and particularly right and wrong, to guide them to more correct conclusions. Our students debate, orally and in writing, and learn the key arguments and controversies that form the foundation of their Christian faith and our Western heritage.

Middle schoolers are a bit like puppies, in that their expanding minds badly need something to “chew” on mentally. The structured environment at Veritas allows them to exercise their new desires to assert their opinions while learning to polish those arguments with tact and grace.

We believe middle school can be an exceptional time of personal development, but must be handled with care. While tough on the outside, middle schoolers show many of the vulnerabilities of younger children. Many Christian parents believe middle school to be the most important time for students to be in a supportive, Christ-modeling environment. At Veritas, your precious middle schooler will be loved, encouraged, and led as they begin their first steps to high school and beyond.

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