Technology & Classical Education

As classical educators, we believe technology is an end of education, not a means of education, one of many ends that can be successfully pursued with a well-rounded liberal arts foundation. We focus on developing the whole person, which includes, especially in younger grades, interactions with physical books and physical handwriting. The notion of messianic technology improving educational outcomes, an outdated fad that traces its roots back to the early 1980's VHS cassette, is now contradicted by the best research.  Books, not screens, lead to better reading comprehension.  The tactile feedback of handwriting enhances learning as well.

By building on the time-tested fundamentals in our grammar school, we enable our logic school students to use technology to become active producers rather than passive consumers.  Beginning with a typing curriculum in 5th grade, students learn the basics of keyboarding skills that will prepare them for the production of professional documents and presentations in our upper grades. Our upper school utilizes Google Classroom, preparing students for the world of work using the same tools as the Fortune 500. Timing and context inform our use of technology.