As a teacher, I love the fact that what I’m teaching matters

Teaching at Veritas Classical Academy is wonderful! As a teacher, I love the fact that what I’m teaching matters. Our curriculum is both challenging and interesting, the stages in which the curriculum is taught allow the students to learn in developmentally appropriate ways, and, most importantly, we are able to weave God and Christian principles naturally throughout each subject. I also really enjoy working with parents as co-teachers. As parents, we truly want the best education for our children that we can possibly provide, so it’s exciting to come together and work as a team in providing that education for the students. The faculty at Veritas is amazing as well and are all committed to giving the best of ourselves to the benefit of our students. Finally, my students are absolutely delightful! They bring a smile to my face every morning and all throughout the day. Because Veritas provides the opportunity for a unique and different educational experience, our students’ love of learning is enhanced and furthered. Teaching at Veritas has been the most rewarding and exciting assignment in my 17 years of teaching experience.
— Sherra Edgar, Veritas teacher