High School at Veritas Classical Academy

Parents have many choices for high school in the Beaumont area. Why Veritas? As Beaumont’s only Christian, classical school, we offer most students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to complete a well-rounded “liberal arts” education.

The Liberal arts

High school is often our last chance to ensure all students receive a well-rounded, liberal arts education, in every subject, before the pressures of majors and specialization come into play in the college years.

College these days is ridiculously expensive, which means most students will choose majors directly related to their intended field of work. Yet, 100 years ago, no one was considered truly educated unless he or she had exposure to what we call the “liberal arts.” By liberal, we do not mean a political orientation, but rather a well-rounded education in history, literature, mathematics, science, the Latin language, and religion. It was called “liberal” because it was the type of education thought appropriate for free men and women.

This type of education focuses on understanding the great works of our civilization, from Socrates to Dickens, such that one can join the “great conversation” of Western Civilization. It is the type of education our Western forefathers thought best for the type of people who would lead our societies. As one old saying goes, “You either study the liberal arts, or be ruled by those who study the liberal arts.”

Perhaps you have heard about elite “prep schools” in major metropolitan areas. These schools, while mostly rejecting a Christian worldview, still teach by classical methods. They teach Latin, and students learn about Greek and Roman history. While public schools have pursued a utilitarian model, seeing students as units to be manufactured with certain skills, the elites have reserved the wisdom of the ancients for themselves. They know that educating leaders requires more than checking boxes.

From Alexander to Washington, nearly all significant Western leaders for thousands of years received a classical, liberal arts education. What distinguishes a liberal arts education? Simply, it teaches a student how to think, rather than what to think. It is a true education, not political indoctrination. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in other types of schools.


While the benefits of classical education are enormous at all stages of a child’s development, what happens in high school is truly magical at schools like Veritas. It is the capstone of all of classical education. Students have completed elementary school, where they learn facts about the world. Then, they complete middle school, where they learn to put these facts together in logical sequence.

Finally, in high school, we come to what we call the “rhetoric” stage. Having mastered facts and reason, students now learn to communicate their ideas beautifully. They learn the fine art of how to say things, and that when influencing human beings, often how we say something true is just as important as the truth itself.

In other words, high school at Veritas is when students learn to take the truth of Christ that is inside them and become effective advocates for the Kingdom that influence others around them and the broader culture.

The Cost

Many families desire a traditional high school experience. We get it - football games, cheerleaders, the marching band - these are strong and enduring parts of the American culture. Veritas students of course have opportunities for athletics and extracurriculars, like our excellent mock trial program. But it is fair to say that these auxiliary programs are not our focus. Our focus is on the students we send out in the world as ambassadors of Christ, on inculcating enduring values and skills that will bless them their entire lives.

The Benefits

A Veritas graduate will know what they believe and why they believe it. They will understand the reasoning and apologetics behind their deeply held faith. Having studied the counterarguments, they will not be intimidated, or even very impressed, by hostile criticism they may encounter on a secular college campus. Beyond this, they will take with them communication skills, and a deep appreciation of history, literature, and art that will give them a unique perspective relative to those who lack a liberal arts education.

By learning how to communicate, and with a mastery of many of the great ideas of our civilization, they will be natural leaders in whatever specialized field they pursue.

The Results

High school students at schools like Veritas achieve excellent results on the SAT and other standardized tests. This, however, is not our focus. Our focus is producing students who love God, love learning, and have a deep understanding of their faith and Western heritage. We believe modern education has gone astray, and that classical education is simple more effective. We are not surprised that fair assessments, like the SAT, would detect this advantage and reward our students for their hard work.

If you believe Veritas might a good fit for your family, find out more about how to apply.